Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Welcome to VinAsia's Blog! We have lots to talk about.

Hello Everybody,

This is Richard Bischoff, vice president of VinAsia, Inc.,  a wine marketing company founded by Yuko Suzuki in 2008. We're based in San Jose, California. You can view our regular website at

What does VinAsia do? 
We bring fine wines to the Asia-Pacific region. We have our client's wines in Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore. We're making inroads into Taiwan. We plan to have a presence in Vietnam and Thailand in the very near future. You can see our client list, and other items of interest on the regular website.

Why a Blog?
The short answer is, "why not?" We travel a great deal of the time. In the course of our travels, we see interesting things, meet interesting people, taste great food, and of course, drink amazing wines, spirits, beers, and sakes. Full disclosure: we also market and sell amazing wines, spirits, sake, shochu (more on the non-wine bevvies later) so this is a chance for us to wave the VinAsia flag, and toot our client's horns a bit. So, yes, there will be blatant promotion on this blog as well.

That said, we hope that our efforts at promotion are presented in an informative and entertaining manner. There's nothing I hate more than blatant self-promotion. So while you're going to get some blatant promotion, our goal is to give you other observations as well.

Hope you like what your'e reading so far, because I'm heading to Japan tomorrow and think there's going to be lots of stuff to write about!